Not for profit cups that are good.

We're different. Run on a not-for profit model, every dime above operating costs goes immediately back into community programming that includes a low-cost food market in a local Toronto Community Housing building, and the soon-to-be-launched  Avenue Road Food Bank.

Nestled into the 126 year old Church of the Messiah, we're an actual sanctuary. Take a few steps and feel miles away from the busy streets. We practice hospitality, stewardship of the earth, and strive to respect the dignity of all people. We want to be your home-away-from-home. Every body is welcome here.

That all being said, we're a full-service coffee shop with top-notch products. We steam only Harmony Organic Dairy milk, and partner with De Mello Palheta micro roasters to serve you what we think is one of the best cups in the city.

We also carry Sloane Teas, Loop Juices, and Tonica Kombuchas.

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