Our Menu
  • Espresso Drinks (all made with our signature Bell Tower Blend--Direct Trade micro-roast De Mello Palheta beans and Harmony Organic Dairy Milk) :

    • Espresso: single: 2.75/double: 3.25

    • Anglicano/Americano: 12oz: 3.25/16oz: 3.75

    • Cappuccino: 12oz: 4.75/16oz:5.25

    • Cortado: 12oz: 3.25

    • Latte: 12oz:4.75/16oz:5.25

    • Machiatto: 3.00

    • Misto: 3.25

    • Mocha: 12oz:5.25/16oz:5.75

    • Extra esspresso shot to any drink: 1.00

    • Flavour syrup: .50

      • (French Vanilla, Popcorn, Speculoos, Cherry)




we also offer our signature Bell Tower Blend in whole bean for retail sale


  • Organic Hot Chocolate: 12oz:3.50/16oz:4.00

  • Vanilla Milk Steamer: 12oz: 3.50/16oz: 4.00

  • Chai Tea Latte: 16oz: 5.00


  • Sloane Teas: 

    • Marrakesh Mint (caffeine free)

    • Ginger Twist (caffeine free)

    • Earl Grey

    • Bold Breakfast

    • Heavenly Cream

    • Masala Chai

    • Sloane Tea Lattes
      we also offer a selection of Sloane Teas, both loose leaf and sachets for retail sale


  • Loop Juice (Raw and Cold Pressed)

    • High Achiever: Grape, Cucumber,Apple, Beet, Carrot, Celery, Romaine, Lemon, Lime, Cayenne

    • Undercover: Pear, Cucumber, Pineapple, Apple, Spinach, Kale, Celery, Romaine, Lemon, Parsley, Jalepeno

    • Big Bang: Honeydew, Grape, Pomegranate, Lemon, Raspberry, Beet

    • Beach Bum: Pineapple, Yellow Pepper, Ginger, Turmeric, Lime

    • Morning Glory: Clementine, Orange, Strawberry


  • Tonic Kombucha (Toronto Made, Low Sugar)

    • Peach

    • Green Tea


Fresh Baked Goods Daily (selections vary based on availability):


  • Cookies: 

    • Dark Chocolate Sea Salt

    • Nutella

    • Oatmeal Raisin

    • Peanut Butter Chocolate

    • Ginger Molasses


  • Bourbon Pecan Butter Tart


  • Croissants:

    • Cheddar

    • Strawberry Raspberry Almond

    • Chocolate


  • Muffins

    • Sweet Potato Cornbread 


  • Kind Nut/Chocolate Bar,gluten free

    • Almond Dark Chocolate Sea Salt

    • Almond Salted Caramel and Dark Chocolate


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